Biochar Workshop

Title Biochar for sustainable applications
Chair Mr. Trevor Richard, Professor Harn Wei Kua
Date / Time Friday 22 July/14:05 pm — 16:25 pm
Venue EA 06-02

This workshop formalizes the development of a Singapore-based biochar interest group and network that involves a wide range of stakeholders; yet, this network has an international relevance and reach, this serves as a connection platform for local stakeholders with regional and international networks, including the International Biochar Initiative. It also aims to highlight the kind of challenges faced in developing the knowledge base and applying biochar to the various industry contexts in Singapore. This workshop will include some interesting talks/ lectures by speakers working in the biochar/gasification field. Following the talks, there will be a round table panel discussion and a Q&A session for audiences to interact with the panel members.


Evaluation of Biochar for Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products Removal
Fy Lim and Jy Hu


Effect of water quenching on physico-chemical properties of durian wood-derived biochar produced with the kon-tiki earth cone kiln
Thilagam Krishnan, Trevor Richards, Sue Sian Tan, Benson Khoo, Muhammad Hazim Hussain, Adam Ahmad and Robert Thomas Bachmann


A New Horizon in Gasification
Ee Wen Chai