Title Sustainable Energy Policy and Technologies
Speaker S.K. Chou
Date / Time Friday, 22 July 2016 / 9:40 am — 10:35 am
Venue LT7A

Remembering Professor Michael Quah

This keynote plenary session of SET2016 is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor Michael Quah at the National University of Singapore.

Professor Quah was a Professor of Practice in the NUS Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He was also the director of the NUS Energy Office, under the Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology). His work in NUS revolved around energy, environment, sustainability, and climate change; and he lectured extensively on these subjects. His areas of focus were at the interface of policy and technology readiness in, for example, alternative/renewable energy systems, distributed generation, and climate change (the science, mitigation and adaptation strategies, thereof). Given his past experience in industry, mainly in the US, Professor Quah enjoyed mentoring in entrepreneurship and systems dynamics challenges in the above fields. He was an advisor in NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the campus.

Before he started his career in Singapore since late 2009, his past work experiences were primarily in the US, where he had worked in management, business development, and R&D positions in various industries, the US Army, and in non-profit organizations (in Delaware, North Carolina, New Hampshire, California, Virginia, and Michigan.) In 1990 ” 1993, Professor Quah worked in Asia (based in Singapore and Tokyo). This short spell was part of his long working career of 20 years with E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Co., Inc. in chemicals, polymers (including fluoropolymers) and energy storage systems. He had joined DuPont in 1979 in Wilmington, DE, USA just as he was finishing up his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at Yale University, New Haven, CT. He completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, in Chemistry and Physics (magna cum laude).

His contributions and achievements in all these sectors have been unparalleled and will never be forgotten.

In remembrance and appreciation to Professor Quah–s contribution in the energy sector, this session is themed “Sustainable Energy Policy and Technologies”, which is one of his main areas of expertise. The panel will be moderated by Professor S.K. Chou of the NUS Department of Mechanical Engineering, who is also the Executive Director of the Energy Studies Institute, NUS. The panelists will include several academic keynote speakers from the prior sessions of the conference and a government representative, an NGO representative and a journalist from Singapore. They will share their views and thoughts at this global conference on Sustainable Energy, i.e. how each party can contribute in helping Singapore and ASEAN in issues of Sustainability, followed by an interactive Q&A session.